Podcasts – A Modern Overview


A podcast is a series of conversational electronic media recordings which a user may download to his or her computer for simple listening enjoyment. The first podcasts appeared as electronic books that aired regularly on various syndicated radio channels. Over time, more sophisticated podcasts appeared that included music as well as interviews with well-known people. As an increasing number of individuals continue to record their own podcasts, many services have emerged that allow individuals to publish podcasts online and share them with others via various networks and platforms.


Podcasts are often offered as downloads via a podcasting application or web interface. Such a program can be run directly from the user’s Windows, Linux or Mac computer and can be used to record and listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere. Podcasting services and streaming services provide an integrated and convenient way for individuals to schedule a personal, convenient consumption queue over several popular podcast services and streaming devices. With such a scheduling option, a user may record a podcast, load it onto his or her computer and then play it at a convenient time. Podcasts may also be played back at a later time when the user wants to listen to one of his or her favorite podcasts.


Podcasts that focus on a particular subject or niche generally gain a larger base of listeners, especially in highly competitive markets. As such, podcasts that offer information on a variety of topics with a strong basis in scientific research have been able to gain widespread audiences. In addition, viewers who enjoy current affairs, current events, cooking, technology, art, and even music are attracted to podcasting because the wide variety of shows typically include interviews with experts and other entertainers. If a podcast provides interesting and current information that listeners find relevant, they will likely become regular listeners and perhaps even begin considering podcasting themselves.

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