Nursery Schools in Glasgow – Examples & Locations

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A nursery Glasgow provides children with a safe refuge from which they can flourish.

By teaching early moral and ethical values and communication skills that contribute to the overall development and help build strong personalities.

Their locations offer ample on-street parking space to facilitate daily drops offs and pick-ups, and many even provide holistic care packages.

But there are many nurseries to choose from.

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Kelvin Park

Pre-school provides children with an essential foundation of early habits, communication skills development, and basic moral and ethical values instruction. Preschool helps shape children into independent and confident people by teaching these essential life skills that lead to future independence and confidence.

This nursery school in Glasgow’s west end is situated near Kelvingrove Park and Hillhead Primary School, providing extracurricular activities like drama classes that help children express themselves creatively while at the same time improving their learning abilities. Furthermore, educators at this institution are cooperative and helpful in helping guide young minds toward enhanced learning techniques.

Parents at this school have begun working to address parking problems after reports of “frightening close shaves” between children and vehicles. They have secured funding with which they plan to work with an artist to create a pedestrian crossing using pupils’ designs; its hours of operation run Monday-Friday, 8.30 am-2.30 pm.

Carmunnock Preschool Nursery

Carmunnock Preschool Nursery Glasgow’s south side provides 24 seats for children ages 3-5 years. The school focuses on making early education enjoyable and encouraging children to learn, drawing praise from parents and kids alike for its innovative method of instruction. Along with teaching them basic skills, Carmunnock also allows children to explore nature at a very early age.

Staff at this nursery are fully certified with SVQ childcare certificates, working hard to ensure children are happy, safe and well taken care of – an essential component in child development. In addition, there is a management community committee composed of volunteers from local community members.

The school offers an expansive curriculum and various activities, such as dance and music classes.

They also take children on field trips to art galleries, museums, parks and libraries – while placing particular importance on health and hygiene.

Garnethill Preschool Nursery

Garnethill Preschool Nursery Glasgow offers preschool education to children ages three to five. Teachers provide opportunities for play and exploration that allow their students to explore their environment and discover more about the community around them. This method has proven highly successful, with parents giving positive feedback for its effectiveness.

Wartime experience underscored the necessity for planning and provision for infants, prompting local authorities to temporarily establish nursery schools until an evaluation could occur of how a higher school leaving age might impact future provision for them.

Glasgow parents have expressed concern about the rising costs associated with nursery schools, prompting some schools to lower fees to match those of private nurseries. But those living on benefits say they cannot afford to send their children to state nurseries due to no available income.

Moods Preschool

Moods Preschool in Glasgow is an ideal place for your child to start their educational journey. Their staff will ensure a safe and stimulating environment to ease them into school life while helping them establish a consistent routine that makes leaving them at preschool easier. In addition, basic skills will be taught, while social opportunities will foster independence in children.

Facilities must be secure and well-maintained. A video security system at the entrance that can be remotely accessed will help keep your child safe while you’re gone. Furthermore, it is also essential to consider what surrounds and impacts their neighbourhood environment.

Most interviewees felt it was essential for preschools to support children’s emotional learning effectively, with some teachers (LMQ) suggesting teaching parents more thoughtful responses when their child becomes angry. In contrast, other teachers (UQ) recommended inviting outgoing children to play with introverted ones or telling stories about friends as means of supporting students’ emotional development.